Planning and Development

Planning and Developement

Head of Doctoral Programme: Associate Professor Karl Sperling

The Doctoral Programme in Planning and Development combines research activities in the Department of Development and Planning and the Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology. The PhD research activities are also linked with the Danish Building Research Institute, Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies (Department of Electronic Systems) and IFM (Innovative Fisheries management, Department of Planning and development). 

Research within the programme is wide ranging and inter-disciplinary, and deals with the organisation, management and design of technology, environmental governance and management at societal and at company level, urban and mobility planning, societal infrastructural systems, architecture, urban design, and industrial design.

In the program there is a strong emphasis on the planning and management dimensions, focusing on the policies and other regulatory instruments that are used in relation to technological, infrastructural and urban development projects, and environmental policy and planning. Furthermore, the physical dimension and design of buildings, artefacts and urban spaces are of central concern.

Research draws on perspectives from the engineering sciences, as well as from relevant social sciences. It is most often interdisciplinary and problem-oriented, seeking to identify practical alternatives for solving particular management and planning problems. The research environment consists of academics with different professional backgrounds, representing a wide range of academic disciplines. PhD research is carried out in partnership with a wide range of external public and private sector bodies.

Further information can be found on the website of the programme.

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