Media, Architecture & Design

Media, Architecture & Design (MAD)

Media, Architecture & Design (MAD)

Head of Doctoral Programme: Professor Matthias Rehm

The Doctoral Program in Media, Architecture & Design is a broad inter-disciplinary program that focuses on design where the end-user and stakeholders have a central role in the research perspectives. Emphasis is placed on architecture, design & media focusing on the technical, social, and aesthetic dimensions. Construction and form of buildings, urban landscapes and spaces as well as design of artefacts, interactive media and art installations are of central concern. Special emphasis is on design and technology in the field of environmental and social sustainability; aesthetics and experiences; relational art; interaction design; and design, media and architecture as tools for local and international development – and for 'a better world'.

Research within the program is wide ranging and inter-disciplinary and concerns:

- Architecture (sustainable architecture, performative architecture, healing architecture)

- Urban Design (urban architecture, urban transformation, urban space, urban culture /life)

- Mobility (designing mobilities and infrastructures)

- Interaction design (responsive environment, experience design, service design)

- Media Art (relational art/performative art and technology)

- Industrial Design (design of artefacts, design processes)

- Research through Design

As the focus is on design as a constructing praxis, there is an interest in developing new research approaches such as practice-based research, research by design and participatory design processes. Several research projects under the program are working with experiments in a scale of 1:1 – or they have the goal to develop new designs, architecture or prototypes that can facilitate trials and experiments with participation of the goal end-users and stakeholders. Often, research, development and experimentation is carried out together with external private or public partners. Our goal is to strengthen and develop theories and methods for research by or through design. In addition, we aim to strengthen the relationship and invoke collaboration between research and praxis and develop research tools to enable these developments.

The Research Environment is Interdisciplinary and Problem-Oriented

The research draws on perspectives from engineering research, as well as from relevant design, architecture, media technology, human centered computing and social research disciplines. As a interdisciplinary and problem-oriented approach, we seek alternatives for solving particular problems within productions, social and public services, buildings, local neighborhoods, cultural enterprises and the urban fabric as such.

The research environment consists of academics with different professional backgrounds, representing a wide range of academic disciplines. Ph.D. research is carried out in partnership with a wide range of external public and private sector bodies.

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