Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Head of Doctoral Programme: Jan Østergaard

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering programme at Aalborg University was established in 1992. It offers a programme based on cooperation between the Department of Electronic Systems and Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, all at Aalborg University, covering almost all aspects of electrical and electronic engineering (with the area of telecommunications as one of the few exceptions, since that area has a separate Doctoral Programme at Aalborg University).

The programme focuses on the following themes within electrical and electronic engineering:

  • Mathematical and computational techniques for automation and control, including modelling, estimation, monitoring, and control of systems and processes.
  • All aspects of automation, including modelling, adaptive and robust control, the development of fault tolerant systems and distributed real-time systems.
  • The nature of control, cognition, computing and systems in robotics.
  • Acoustics and sound, including generation, transmission and propagation of sound, human sound perception, electronic systems for measurement, processing and analysis of sound, reproduction of sound, in particular the binaural technique for generation of three dimensional sound, measurement of noise, audio systems etc.
  • Medialogy with focus on the fusion of new media technologies for next generation technology such as human-computer interfaces for computer games, digital homes and advanced human-computer communication.
  • Computer vision, graphics and virtual reality, including such topics as motion and action analysis and recognition, colour analysis and interpretation, augmented reality, and scene light estimation. 


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