Wireless Communications

Head of Doctoral Programme: Professor Cedomir Stefanovic 

The Doctoral Programme Wireless Communications is affiliated with the Department of Electronic Systems (ES). The programme hosts and supports doctoral studies related to the research activities of the ES Department in wireless communications.
Most research groups hosted in the ES Department research on relevant aspects of modern wireless communications. The researchers in these research groups considered altogether constitute a pool of competence covering a broad scientific spectrum, including radio propagation characterization, RF hardware and antenna design, advanced transceiver design, Over The Air testing, multi-media (voice, audio, video, etc.) signal processing, cellular and ad-hoc networks and protocol optimization, Mobile programing and M2M communication. Human-machine interface including possible health risk and satellite-based positioning are also addressed.

Research Areas includes the following:
• Antennas and Propagation
• RF Integrated Systems and Circuits
• Information and Signal Processing in Communications
• Speech and Multimedia Communications
• Over The Air testing
• Satellite and Terrestrial based Positioning
• Embedded Systems
• Centralized and Decentralized Wireless Networks
• M2M (Machine to machine) communication