Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs

The PhD studies at the Faculty of Engineering and Science are further organised in ten Doctoral Programmes.

The aim of the Doctoral School is to develop the Faculty's PhD studies, including further development of existing PhD studies as well as the development of new Doctoral programmes, and to ensure their quality. The Doctoral School continually reviews individual research studies, performs general evaluations and develops strategies with a view to setting up and maintaining a framework of resources necessary for the Faculty's research programmes.

Through the Doctoral School, the Faculty of Engineering and Science ensures that the following general aims of its research programmes are attained:

  • A high international level in the education of researchers.
  • Integration of the individual PhD student and the individual Doctoral Programme into active research environments with international communication and exchange of scientific knowledge.
  • Prioritization of the scientific research project of a Doctoral Programme and the preparation of a scientific thesis.

 A detailed description of the doctoral programs can be found below: