Organization and Contact Information

Organization and Contact Information

The Technical Doctoral School of IT and Design is an independent unit established by the Technical Faculty of IT and Design as of 01.01.17.

PhD Study Director and PhD Board

The PhD Study Director Professor Mads Græsbøll Christensen, is responsible for the daily management of the Doctoral School which among other things includes the following tasks:

  • Approve PhD students based on the recommendations from the scientific staff (enrollment)
  • Manage all educational activities related to PhD training (by including the PhD Board)
  • Manage quality assurance (by including the PhD Board)
  • Recommend actions related to PhD training to the Dean
  • Regular assessments of the progress for all PhD students
  • In charge of applications related to research training
  • Strategy developement for the Doctoral School

The PhD Board consists of four scientific members and two PhD students. The PhD Study Director also participates in the PhD Board meetings. The PhD Board has among its tasks the following:

  • Continuous development of internal guidelines for the Doctoral School
  • Help evaluating the quality of the PhD programme and supervision in co-operation with the PhD Study Director
  • Recommend PhD assessment committees to the Dean
  • Approve PhD courses (initiate general courses)
  • Develop strategy for the Doctoral School in collaboration with the PhD Study Director

The members of the PhD Board are:

Professor Jiri Srba

Associate Professor John-Josef Leth

Professor Ole B. Jensen - Chair

Professor Lars Bo Henriksen

PhD Student - Henrik Glaving Clausen

PhD Student - Rune Møberg Jacobsen

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the PhD study, terms of employment, courses and the like, please contact us:


Phone: 9940 9638

Kroghstræde 1, 2nd floor

9220 Aalborg East