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Information regarding thesis submission

The following sections present information regarding the requirements in relation to the submission of PhD theses through the VBN portal (www.vbn.aau.dk). 

Prior to beginning the actual writing on your PhD thesis it is advised that you familiarize yourself with the advices in relation to the format. The requirements that are found are only related to the provided templates these are NOT mandatory to use. If you have any questions regarding the format, consult the website. If the issue remains unresolvable contact “forlaget”. It is required that your thesis follows the minimum formatting requirements.

The VBN office provides fixed templates for a variety of formats. These are found here: https://www.en.team.vbn.aau.dk/phd-submission/

Requirements from the doctoral school

Before uploading/submitting your thesis the following elements must be in order:

  • Assessment committee: Your assessment committee must be established and approved. You will receive information from the Doctoral School once this matter is handled.
  • Co-author statements: If your thesis is a collection of papers you must have submitted co-author statements for all included articles to the Doctoral School. Once these are approved by the PhD Study Director you are informed by the Doctoral School.
  • Your supervisor must have submitted a supervisor statement to the Doctoral School. Once this is approved by the PhD study director you are informed by the Doctoral School.
  • You must have submitted a declaration concerning good scientific practice to the Doctoral School.
  • Your thesis must contain a Danish and English Summary.
  • If any of the elements above are not in order, you must not upload your thesis. Please contact the Doctoral School if you have any questions.
  • 3-4 weeks prior to submission your PhD thesis must undergo a reference check - read more here

Thesis that are uploaded without having the elements above in order will be rejected and a new submission must be made.

Once you have uploaded your thesis it is considered as being submitted. It is therefore crucial that all references and so on are entered correctly. You cannot alter the thesis in any way or form once it is submitted. Only in the case of a negative preliminary assessment is this sometimes possible.

Be aware to apply proper references in relation to your own work (articles and the like).

The submission date is when the thesis is received at the Doctoral School from the printers.

It is imperative that you have sorted all potential issues regarding copyright/publication. It is the PhD students responsibility to ensure rights to re-use his/her material in the PhD thesis.

FAQ from Aalborg University Press (pre-print, printing and other important elements) 

VBN office - checklist for submission, procedures, requirements, templates and support.

VBN portal - submit your thesis here (login at the bottom of the site using your AAU single sign-on).

Obtain rights to use your articles

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