PhD plan

PhD Plan

The PhD plan is a crucial element in any PhD study and it is therefore of outmost importance that it is executed correctly. It must be done in collaboration with your supervisor and it is important that you agree upon the contents of the PhD plan. Ensure to discuss your expectations with your supervisor and to eliminate all miss allignments. 

The content and extent of the PhD plan is thoroughly described in the template provided by the doctoral school. Find the template here.

The PhD plan is to be uploaded no later than 2 months after the enrollment date. When the plan is ready for assessment please upload it through the PhD manager portal found here. An AAU email/login is required. 


Updated PhD Plan

12 months after your enrollment date you are obligated to submit an updated version of your PhD plan. This must reflect the progress made in relation to the initial PhD plan. Please apply the template found here. It is similar to that of the 2 month version with the focus points for the updated version accentuated in italic.

Please remember to have conducted the oral status seminar before uploading the plan. For information regarding this seminar see the instructions.

The updated plan must also be uploaded timely through the PhD manager portal found here.


  • 2 months: deadline for submission of 2-month plan
  • 10 months: start preparing the status seminar and the 12-month PhD plan
  • 11 months: status seminar
  • 12 months: deadline for submission of 12-month plan