Finishing the PhD Study

Finishing your PhD Study

 When drawing closer to  the completion of your PhD study there are several elements that might add to this allready stressfull part of the PhD study.

Here you are able to gain an overview of the elements needing your attention in this relation:

  • The thesis - templates (non mandatory) are found here
  • Co-author statements. These must be delivered in due time (no later than 9 weeks prior to the defense). The thesis must not be uploaded before these are approved by the PhD Study Director. Please apply the template found here.
  • Supervisor statement - Your supervisor must produce a statement containing information regarding yur activities during the PhD study. This must be delivered before the thesis is submitted. The template found here must be applied.
  • A declaration concerning good scientific practice must be signed and delivered to the doctoral school. Download decleration

When the elements above are handled your thesis can be submitted for assessment through VBN. Please click here for more information.

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